SOLA Production Environment - Alternative Site Recovery Test on 23 February 2019

Oslo Børs Derivatives will hold an Alternative Site Recovery (ASR) test together with London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market on Saturday 23 February 2019.

The test involves simulating a disruption to the live service serious enough to warrant a controlled shutdown of the systems at London Stock Exchange’s Primary Site, followed by subsequent recovery of systems at the Alternate Site. The aim of this exercise is to test the following:

  • the technical process of recovery and sequence of events during this process
  • the process of suspension and restoration of the market
  • the communications between London Stock Exchange and participants during recovery
  • the ability of participants to connect to the Alternate Site and trade as normal

Whilst this test is not mandatory, all clients are strongly recommended to participate as it provides the opportunity to familiarise themselves with ASR recovery procedures of the respective markets, and to confirm that their systems are able to connect to the Alternate Site and process the relevant messages generated by the above actions.

More information and the schedule of the ASR test will be provided closer to the test date.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Holen, Head of Trading Derivatives,, tel. +47 22 34 17 62
Jan Stenmoe, Technical,, tel. +47 22 34 17 91