SOLA Production Environment - Alternate Site Recovery Test on 23 February 2019 Reminder

The purpose of this Technical Notice is to remind customers of the upcoming Alternative Site Recovery (ASR) Test for the Oslo Børs Derivatives Market together with London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) scheduled for Saturday 23 February 2019.

The test involves simulating a disruption to the live service serious enough to warrant a controlled shutdown of the systems at the Primary Site (PDC), followed by subsequent recovery of systems at the Alternate Site (SDC). The aim of this exercise is to test the following: 

  • the technical process of recovery and sequence of events during this process; 
  • the process of suspension and restoration of the market; 
  • the communications between Oslo Børs / LSEDM and participants during recovery; 
  • the ability of participants to connect to the Alternate Site and trade as normal.

Whilst this test is not mandatory, all clients are strongly recommended to participate, as it provides the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the ASR recovery procedures, and to confirm that their systems are able to connect to the Alternate Site and process the relevant messages generated as part of the failover activities.

Services Available
The following services will be available for testing in the ASR: 

  • SAIL Trading
  • FIX Trading
  • SAIL Drop Copy
  • FIX Drop Copy
  • HSVF Market Data
  • BTS

 The ASR test is expected to follow the schedule described in the table below.

Time (CET)


08:30 onwards

Logon to all Primary Gateways at PDC is available.

09:00 – 10:00

All markets open. Trading and market data are available.

10:00 – 12:00

Disaster invoked. All markets closed. Trading stops and market data ceases. Access to Oslo Børs and LSEDM at PDC is disabled. Invocation of SDC begins.

12:00 onwards

Logon to all Secondary Gateways at SDC is available.

13:00 – 14:30

All markets open. Trading and market data available via the Secondary Gateways only. Participants are requested to submit orders for execution.


All markets closed. Access to Oslo Børs and LSEDM at SDC is disabled and rollback to PDC begins.

Please note that all times shown in the schedule above are indicative and are subject to change on the day. Confirmation of when the Gateways will be available for clients to connect to at SDC, and any changes to the schedule will be posted on the Weekend Activity Monitor. 

Please note that, after SDC has been invoked, customers will only be able to connect to the Production IP addresses marked as “Secondary” in the SOLA Production and Test Connections document available here.

Weekend Activity Monitor

Clients will be informed of the day’s progress via LSE’s weekend activity monitor, which can be accessed here

Registration and Sign-Off
If you would like to participate in this test, please contact to confirm your participation by COB Friday 22 February 2019.  Clients should provide sign off via email on the test day once testing is complete and they are successfully operating at SDC.

ASR Contact Details
Member contact: Anders Holen +47 41 12 82 62 /
Technical contact: Jan Stenmoe +47 91 89 57 99 /