Millennium Production Environment: Millennium 9.3 migration Saturday 8 December

On Saturday 8 December, Millennium Exchange release 9.3 will be migrated to Oslo Børs’ production environment. Following the upgrade, Oslo Børs will provide an optional connectivity test window for customers.

More information about the deployment activities, as well as more information on the connectivity test, will be published on the Go-Live Log. In addition, Oslo Børs encourage customers to review the Guide to Go-live, which has been published on our Delta web pages.

Millennium 9.3 will launch with clean order books in the equity and fixed income markets on Monday 10 December. In order for all customer systems to be updated correctly, members should cancel all their orders from Millennium on Friday 7 December by 16:45 CET (equities) / 16:15 CET (fixed income). Oslo Børs will remove all still-existing orders at the end of the trading day, and will start this work at 16:45 CET for equities and 16:15 CET for fixed income. If members still have open orders at this time, it is important that they remain connected to Millennium when the cancellations commence, in order to receive the unsolicited cancel messages.

Oslo Børs will perform tests during the day. To avoid disturbances in customers’ day to day operations, customers are reminded that any data received during the migration weekend should be ignored by the customers’ live production systems.