Changes to Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Merkur Market Broker Statistics for Equities and ETFs

As of May 2019, members can choose to omit their names on the list of total market share in the broker statistics for equities and ETFs at Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Merkur Market. Since November 2017, our members have had the option of omitting their names from the monthly statistics for single instruments; as of May this opportunity is expanded to also cover their total market share, which is published both weekly and monthly.

Members who no longer desire to appear in the Broker Statistics, must actively contact Oslo Børs in order to have their names removed. These members’ market shares will appear at the bottom of the Broker Statistics, collectively designated as “undisclosed”. A member’s choice to not disclose their name, covers all broker statistics for the member; i.e. the member cannot choose to appear in the total market share statistics, and at the same time not appear in the single instrument statistics.

The reason for the change is the desire by some of our members to not display their market share in the Broker Statistics for business reasons. Oslo Børs has chosen to acquiesce these members’ request, but at the same time keep the opportunity for other members who, for various reasons, want to continue to display their own market share.