The Millennium Exchange trading system

Millennium Exchange is a modern, robust and efficient platform for securities trading. The system offers flexibility not only for future changes in requirements and additional functionality, but also for increases in capacity and enhancements to response times (latency).

The system is developed by MilllenniumIT, a subsidiary of London Exchange Group, and it currently also operates the markets of London Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana and Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The real time system for market data is an integrated part of Millennium Exchange.

High speed

Millennium Exchange supports large client bases and different trading strategies and provides greater execution assurance, leading to reduction in the opportunity cost of missed executions.

High capacity

Millennium Exchange has a very large capacity. This includes prompt handling of all order admissions as they come in, and the opportunity to take advantage of very many orders simultaneously. This provides a good margin for participants to execute business without system slow down, even in peak trading periods


Millennium Exchange is based on robust, purpose-built technology that is designed to never lose a message, the opportunity for disaster recovery and in addition to two separate data centers, all services are duplicated in our primary data center.


It is easy to add hardware to the system, short lead time to increase capacity.

New opportunities

It is a very configurable system, which enables new products and services to be introduced to the market more quickly, and faster response to market demands and changing customer needs.

Control and transparency

The market structure and participant structure enables firms to segregate different areas of their business or types of flow.


Operating multiple markets on a single platform creates potential for access and tradability across markets and asset classes.

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