Oslo Børs to discontinue trading in Swedish, Danish and Finnish securities as of May 1 2015

Oslo Børs has decided to close down the trading in Swedish, Danish and Finnish securities via the Burgundy market. The background for the decision is a desire for more focus on the primary market and securities listed on Oslo Børs. Oslo Børs is also considering other opportunities for trading simultaneously, making use of the MTF license currently in use for Burgundy.

All membership agreements for Burgundy is terminated with one month’s notice from 31 March 2015, active from May 1 2015. The last trading day on Burgundy will be 30 April 2015. As of Monday May 4, all Burgundy instruments will be delisted, and will not be included in Oslo Børs’ reference data files. Additional Burgundy set-up, including market data gateways for Burgundy, will still be active pending removal. Oslo Børs will distribute a detailed timetable for a controlled shutdown of the Burgundy infrastructure and market data gateways ahead of April 30 via Technical Service Announcements. Oslo Børs will assist members changing their trading enablement on request to enablement@oslobors.no. Oslo Børs will also inform clearing houses and system suppliers.

In the period between April 1 and April 30, Burgundy will predominantly not include new securities to its trading offering, but will maintain the current instrument base.

We thank you all for good collaboration on the Burgundy initiative, and look forward to continue the relationship on the Oslo Børs market and a future initiative in regards to the MTF license going forward.

An updated market model and corresponding technical documentation will be available within the end of April.    

If you have any questions, please contact one of Oslo Børs' contact points below:

Technical Support, Tel: +47 22 34 19 90, technicalsupport@oslobors.no
Enablement team: Tel: 47 22 34 19 11  enablement@oslobors.no

Ingvild Resaland, Tel +47 22 34 19 16, Ingvild.resaland@oslobors.no  
Tom Kristoffersen, Tel: +47 22 34 19 04, Tom.kristoffersen@oslobors.no
Carl Nilsen, Tel: +47 22 34 17 93, Carl.nilsen@oslobors.no
Samuel Stenmark, Tel: +46 76 776 1213, samuel.stenmark@oslobors.no

Market Data Vendors
Line Mauseth, Tlf +47 22 34 18 15, line.mauseth@oslobors.no 
Christian Pettersen, Tlf +47 22 34 18 08, christian.pettersen@oslobors.no

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