Information for LSEDM members

Members of London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM) will need to sign a membership agreement with Oslo Børs, and a clearing agreement with SIX x-clear to continue trading Oslo Børs derivatives when the linked derivatives order book partnership ceases in November 2019.

Oslo Børs will continue to operate the market, using the same trading system delivered by London Stock Exchange when the linked order book partnership with LSEDM is ceased.

Oslo Børs members will be able to continue trading derivatives with no changes to their trading or clearing setup. On the trading side there will only be minor connectivity changes for new Oslo Børs members. On the clearing side, to ease the migration of international clearing members, SIX x-clear is committed to launching a new FIXML-based API in Q2 2019.

Read more here: Linked derivatives order book partnership ends in June 2019

Steps in a membership process

  1. Applicant to submit the completed Membership Application Form to, along with supporting documentation, including the Membership Agreement (Derivatives rules Appendix C.1).
  2. For clearing membership queries, please contact SIX x-clear (Stian Samuelsen, Norwegian Country Head of SIX x-clear,, +47 23 17 96 04.
  3. Prepare for Record Keeping (short- to long code mapping). Equities members to make sure that the existing reporting covers derivatives. 
  4. Receive Oslo Børs membership approval and co-signed membership agreement.
  5. Prepare for production setup. New Oslo Børs members will need to go through an enablement process for test and production.
  6. Activation of the setup in the production environment.

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