Investment firms may become members on one or more of Oslo Børs’ marketplaces. As an investor, you may trade through one of the members trading solutions.

Why become a member

Members at Oslo Børs’ marketplaces enjoy direct trading access to a large proportion of the world's financial instruments within the energy-, shipping- and seafood sectors. In addition to these selected strong sectors, other large, leading Norwegian companies ensures that Oslo Børs attract broad interest from around the world.

Membership may be granted to  investment firms, which have been granted license by their respective national regulatory authorities. Companies without a license may also become members if they meet certain criteria.

Modern electronic trading systems ensure immediate and efficient straight through processing of orders.

Member Process 

Member- and trading rules for Oslo Børs’ marketplaces meet European standards. Applicants must submit a standardised membership application and enclose required attachments, which includes a declaration that necessary settlement agreements are in place and a comprehensive description of the applicant’s organisational operational procedures and systems. The Oslo Børs’ administration evaluates the application and grants membership if all formal requirements have been met.

Prior to accessing regular trading on any of Oslo Børs’ marketplaces, the member must submit preferred technical setup (standardised form) to, and thereafter ensure that the trading setup is correct and securely tested in the marketplace’s test system (CDS).

Please contact Oslo Børs for membership application form if you wish to apply for membership on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Nordic ABM, Oslo Connect and / or Merkur Market.

For investors

As an investor, you may access any of Oslo Børs markeplaces through an investment firms, which has been granted membership on the marketplace. In addition to help you set up a trading account, the member may present you to different solutions for trading, either online or through a broker, and inform you on how to get additional information about available financial instruments.

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