Oslo Børs - Listing of cash equities instruments in other currencies than NOK

Oslo Børs has decided to facilitate listing and trading of shares in other currencies than Norwegian krone (NOK). The changes will initially apply to listing and trading in Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Swedish krona (SEK) and Danish krone (DKK).

The non-NOK listing offering will be applicable to primary – and secondary listings for international share issuers at Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

Oslo Børs will launch test instruments for each currency in the Millennium CDS (CDS) test environment as of Monday 25 March, so that market participants can take the necessary steps to prepare for shares being listed and traded in other currencies than NOK. Oslo Børs’ technical documentation for Millennium will not be updated, as the trading system already take the possibility of other currencies than NOK into account.

Instruments to be listed in CDS as of Monday are:

  • EUR Listed Share
  • USD Listed Share
  • SEK Listed Share
  • DKK Listed Share

Shares listed in foreign currencies will be settled through an international central securities depository (CSD). Oslo Børs will provide further information about settlement routines in due course. 

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact Oslo Børs’ contact persons (below). 

Ingvild Resaland, tel. +47 22 34 19 16, ingvild.resaland@oslobors.no
Torbjørn Vik, tel. +47 22 34 17 47, torbjorn.vik@oslobors.no

Market data vendors
Christian Pettersen, tel +47 22 34 18 08, christian.pettersen@oslobors.no
Lene M. Refvik, tel +47 22 34 18 15, lene.refvik@oslobors.no 

Alexander Næss, tel +47 22 34 17 71, alexander.naess@oslobors.no
Christian Ringstad, tel +47 22 34 17 94, christian.ringstad@oslobors.no
Technical Support, tel +47 22 34 19 90, technicalsupport@oslobors.no
Enablement Team, enablement@oslobors.no

Contact us

Torbjørn Vik

  • Head of Equities and Client Relations
  • tv@oslobors.no
  • +47 22 34 17 47
  • +47 99 69 18 91

Contact - technical

Christian Ringstad