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On these pages, you will find information regarding all changes which will be introduced in Oslo Børs trading system for cash equities and fixed income instruments, Millennium Exchange. Information and technical documentation regarding Millennium in production is found under Trading / Trading systems / Millennium.

Estimated timeline for the Millennium 9.3 upgrade project, due in Q4 2018:
7 August 2018: Technical documentation updated according to the first Millennium 9.3 CDS code drop 
30 August 2018: First Millennium 9.3 CDS code drop - Maintenance day in CDS.
31 August 2018: CDS upgraded
5 October 2018: Final Millennium 9.3 CDS code drop
24 November 2018: Dress Rehearsal with optional client participation
8 December 2018: Go-live

News and notes

Information and news regarding technical changes, updates or testing regarding Oslo Børs' version of Millennium Exchange will be published below. If you wish to receive this information by e-mail, please register your e-mail address in the subscription box to the right.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 - GO!

Oslo Børs is pleased to confirm our decision to GO live with Millennium Exchange Release 9.3 for the cash equities- and fixed income markets on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Merkur Market and Nordic ABM markets as of start of trading Monday 10 December 2018.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 - Welcome to Go-live weekend

Today, Saturday 8 December, Oslo Børs facilitates an optional connectivity test for members, ISVs and market data vendors in connection with the planned migration to Millennium release 9.3 in Oslo Børs' production environment. The formal decision on whether to upgrade the trading system this weekend will take place in the afternoon today.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 - Updated Schedule for Go-live Connectivity Test + Order Cancellation Reminder

The connectivity test Saturday 8 December, offered in connection with Oslo Børs' upgrade to Millennium 9.3 is shifted by two hours to start at 1 PM CET. OSLMIT 505 Guide to Go-live -  issue 7.1 and Go-Live Log is updated according to the change in schedule. The schedule is still tentative, and the Go-live log will be updated throughout the day of 8 December to accommodate any further changes.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – Guide to Go-live and Go-live confirmation

Oslo Børs’ planned go-live for the upgrade of Millennium Exchange to release 9.3 is Saturday 8 December 2018 with the first trading day on the upgraded system being Monday 10 December.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – Welcome to Dress Rehearsal (DR) in the production environment

Welcome to the customer dress rehearsal in Oslo Børs’ Millennium9.3 project. Customer participation is optional. Please ignore this message if you are not participating in today’s test. 

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 - Functional Tests 24 November + Conformance

As previously announced, Oslo Børs will facilitate a customer dress rehearsal in the Millennium production environment Saturday 24 November related to the planned migration to Millennium 9.3 on 8 December 2018. Participation in the customer dress rehearsal is optional. 

Market participants who will not participate in the Dress Rehearsal, must ignore market data generated and published over the gateways on November 24.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 - Dress Rehearsal 24 November + new model for repo trades

In connection with the upgrade of Oslo Børs’ trading system for cash equities and fixed income instruments to Millennium 9.3, Oslo Børs conducts a test in the production environment on Saturday 24 November. Customers may participate in the completion of the test, but test participation is not required.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – CDS maintenance 18 October

Oslo Børs’ Millennium customer test environment (CDS) will be upgraded before market open on Thursday 18 October. CDS is expected to be available for testing as normal on this day, but there may be delays in the start-up.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – CDS Update 5 October

Oslo Børs will release the second functional update to the Millennium 9.3 CDS environment Friday 5 October, almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – CDS Reference Data Change

Oslo Børs has released an updated version of OSLMIT401 Reference Data technical documentation, available on the Delta webpage.

Oslo Børs Millennium 9.3 – CDS Upgrade

The first upgrade to Millennium 9.3 in Oslo Børs’ CDS environment takes place Thursday, 30 August. Friday 31 August, the CDS environment will be available for testing of new functionality.

Technical documentation for Oslo Børs’ Millennium 9.3 released

Earlier this summer the project of upgrading Oslo Børs’ trading system for cash equities and fixed income to Millennium 9.3 was announced. Updated technical documentation has now been released. Protocol changes have been kept to a minimum.

Oslo Børs to launch Millennium 9.3 in Q4 2018 and Legacy CDS environment in August 2018.

Oslo Børs prepares a Millennium Exchange system release in Q4. Tentative go-live date is 8 December 2018.

Confirmed technical go-live for EuroCCP at Oslo Børs

We are pleased to provide further details regarding the technical go-live date for EuroCCP as a central counterpart for Oslo Børs.  

EuroCCP available in Oslo Børs CDS environment for customer testing

Oslo Børs will add EuroCCP as a third central counterparty, offering clearing services for trades executed on Oslo Børs.

Millennium Exchange Oslo Børs: New trade type for Fixed Income

In order to meet customer request, Oslo Børs has decided to add the trade type «NM» to fixed income. This trade type may be used to report trades that has been reported to another MiFiD II trading venue or another APA than Oslo Børs APA.

Millennium Exchange Oslo Børs – Launch of Turquoise Lit Auctions™ on Oslo Børs

Oslo Børs will finalize the implementation of Turquoise Lit Auctions™ on Oslo Børs-functionality by populating auction orderbooks, active as of Friday 12 January 2018. 

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