The Issuer Rules

All Euronext markets are governed by Harmonised Rules, which includes a single harmonised rule book, Rule Book I (regulated markets) and Euronext Growth Rule Book Part I (MTFs). Regulation specific to each Euronext market is included in the Non-Harmonised Rules, which includes the Rule Book II for each local market, and other local documents where needed. This entails that Rule Book I applies with the modifications and additions set out in Rule Book II.

In addition to Rule Book I and Rule Book II, the Euronext markets can issue Notices, which are documentation labelled “Notice”, for the purpose of interpreting or implementing the Rules or any other purpose contemplated in the Rule Books. Notices and other relevant documentation supplementing the Rules for Oslo Børs are available here

Rule Book II for Oslo Børs and Euronext Expand, and Rule Book Part II for Euronext Growth Oslo is available in a web format with guidance, search functionality and links to relevant acts, regulations and other publications.

The guidance text on the issuer rules has been prepared in collaboration with Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS based on a review of the circulars and the Decisions and Statements.

Issuer Rules for Oslo Børs and Euronext Expand

 Rule Book I – Harmonised Rules

 Oslo Rule Book II – Issuer Rules

Issuer Rules for Euronext Growth Oslo

 Euronext Growth Markets Rule Book

 Euronext Growth Oslo Rule Book – Part II

The ABM Rules

 The ABM rules

Other rules:

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