Shared jurisdiction and supervision - takeover bids with connection to several EU/EEA states

A bid for shares issued by a company with registered office in an EEA state other than Norway will be subject to the EU/EEA rules regarding shared jurisdiction and supervision.

Oslo Børs has made available an overview of listed companies that inter alia includes information on whether a company is subject to the rules regarding shared jurisdiction and supervision; Overview of listed companies’ home state etc.

The document below sets out which provisions in Chapter 6 of the Securties Trading Act that will apply in connection with takeover bids on companies with relations to other EEA states than Norway.

The split clarifies the division set out in Section 6-14 of the Securities Regulations, cf. Art 4(2)(e) of the Directive on takeover bids (2004/25/EC). We emphasise that in case of inconsistency between the statutory provision and our document, the statutory provision will take precedence; Rule document cross border bids.

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