Code of practice for information to be provided on the company website

A large portion of the companies listed on Oslo Børs are foreign, and the proportion of foreign shareholders in many of the listed companies is high. It can be challenging for investors and other market participants to locate and digest the information they need about legal provisions that are relevant to trading in listed companies. Oslo Børs therefore recommends that companies listed on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess post information on their website about the rules that apply in relation to the company. Oslo Børs has prepared a Code of practice for legal provisions of relevance for investors on the website and an example of such presentation of information for Norwegian listed companies.

In the Code of practice it is recommended that the companies post on their web sites a brief description of the rules governing takeover bids of the company, including:

  • Which country’s takeover rules that apply, and which authority that supervise the rules. If governing law and supervision are subject to shared jurisdiction, the presentation should include a summary of the substantive delimitiations.
  • The thresholds triggering the duty to make a mandatory offer.
  • The rules on minimum offer price.
  • When a potential offer must be publicly disclosed.
  • Any provisions in the articles of association that may be of relevance to takeover bids. 

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