New guidelines for ESG reporting

Euronext launches guidelines for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting based on the existing Oslo Børs guidance. The guidelines have been created to help listed companies address material issues and important principles to consider when preparing an ESG report, as well as in their work with investor relations.

The Euronext guidelines build on the Oslo Børs guidance on the reporting of corporate responsibility, as well as the recommendations from the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. The Euronext guidelines and the Oslo Børs Guidance are both based on the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting, and both describe a process for carrying out a materiality analysis and the associated operational management, communication and annual updates.

The Euronext guidelines will replace the Oslo Børs Guidance from 2018 on the reporting of corporate responsibility. Issuers may continue to apply the Oslo Børs Guidance when preparing their annual report and/or separate corporate responsibility report for 2019.

Euronext is committed to encourage the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making. This is a major step to make finance more sustainable, in order to ensure better allocation and channelling of capital towards sustainable and transitioning assets.

As part of Euronext’s strategy 'Let's Grow Together 2022', which has at its heart a focus on sustainable initiatives, we are pleased to present the Euronext ESG Reporting Guidelines on the best practices for our issuers to adopt in the future.

We hope these guidelines will inspire your journey toward a more sustainable economy!

You can download the new guidelines from the bottom of this page. A Norwegian translation of the guidelines will be posted in due course.

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