Consultation regarding the Trading Rules on Merkur Market

The purpose of this consultation is to present the new regulation that will govern the Trading Rules on Merkur Market after the migration to Optiq, and to offer our members an opportunity to provide feedback on the changes.

Following the acquisition of Oslo Børs by Euronext in June 2019, and as previously communicated, trading on Merkur Market will migrate onto the Euronext trading platform Optiq on 9 November 2020, simultaneously as the migration of trading with equity securities on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

Members and other stakeholders are invited to comment on the proposed changes by 5 October 2020 to

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Pernille Woxen Burum
Attorney, Surveillance and Operations
+47 22 34 17 49

Torbjørn Vik
Head of Equities & Head of Client Relations
+ 47 99 69 18 91 


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