Consultation regarding the ABM rules for issuers

Following the acquisition of Oslo Børs by Euronext in June 2019, reporting of trades in bonds registered on Nordic ABM will migrate onto the Euronext trade reporting platform Saturn on 30 November 2020.

There will not be made substantial amendments to the ABM-rules as a consequence of the migration, but there are a few proposed amendments due to equivalent changes being made to the rules for issuers with bonds listed on Oslo Børs. The amendments will enter into force from 30 November 2020.

The proposed amendments are further set out in the Consultation letter below.

Issuers and other stakeholders are invited to comment on the proposed changes by 20 October 2020 to

Contact persons

Pernille Woxen Burum
Attorney, Surveillance and Operations
+47 22 34 17 49 

Per Gunnar Ølstad
Senior Analyst, Surveillance and Operations
+47 22 34 17 79


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