7/2008: Schedule of current and cancelled Oslo Børs circulars

For: Issuers of securities listed on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Oslo ABM. Stock exchange member firms
Date: 02/10/2008

Oslo Børs has reviewed all the circulars it has issued in order to clarify which circulars remain current and which have either been cancelled or have ceased to be relevant for reasons such as changes to legislation and regulations, new systems etc. and should therefore be cancelled.

This review has been carried out in order to make the current Oslo Børs regulatory framework and recommendations more easily accessible.

A schedule of all circulars issued since 1998 that categorises the circulars as either "Current" or "Cancelled" is available on the Oslo Børs website at www.oslobors.no under regelverk. Circulars that have not previously been cancelled, but are now listed as cancelled in the schedule, are deemed to be cancelled by this Circular.

Certain of the circulars that continue to be current have been cancelled in part in the past, or are cancelled in part by this Circular. Those circulars that are cancelled in part are shown shaded grey in the schedule, and the schedule states which sections of each such circular have been cancelled.

For the sake of good order, it should be noted that a number of the circulars that are still current include references to provisions in legislation and regulations that have been moved to different sections as part of the implementation of the new Securities Trading Act and the new Stock Exchange Act of 29 June 2007 (and the regulations issued pursuant to these Acts). The references in these circulars must be read as references to the new provisions. This also applies, in general, to situations where the relevant legislation, legal regulations or stock exchange rules have been subject to minor changes/amendments subsequent to the publication of the circular in question.

The fact that a circular has been cancelled does not necessarily mean that the content is no longer applicable since some of the provisions in question will now be included in the Oslo Børs rules or in more recent circulars. For example, the new version of the Oslo Børs rules described in Circular 6/2008 incorporates guidance that was previously provided in various circulars.

Circulars issued to give notice of changes in fees have been cancelled since all fees are stated in the current fee tariffs.

Oslo Børs intends to keep the schedule of current/cancelled circulars updated to reflect all future cancellations and changes to current circulars.

Oslo Børs Circulars will in future be distributed electronically via e-mail. Any recipients who wish to receive circulars in printed form are asked to contact Oslo Børs. As at present, circulars will be available on the Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess websites, and, where appropriate, on the Oslo ABM website.

We will be pleased to receive any comments on the content, format and distribution of circulars.

Yours truly

Atle Degré, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs
Hege Dahl, Attorney at Law


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