The exchange and securities market is governed by a number of laws and regulations passed by public authorities. To facilitate efforts to locate the relevant legal provisions, we have compiled links to important laws and regulations within the stock exchange and securities area. Here you will also find circulars, decisions from Oslo Børs and the appeal board, and other relevant material.

Key provisions

The purpose of the Securities Trading Act is to lay the basis for secure, orderly and efficient trading in financial instruments. The Act contains general rules of conduct, such as:

Section 3-2 Definition of inside information
Section 3-3 Misuse of inside information
Section 3-8 Market manipulation
Section 3-14 Sales of financial instruments not owned by the seller

The Act also contains important provisions related to listed companies' obligations, such as duty of disclosure and equal treatment of shareholders:

Section 5-2 Content of the information requirement
Section 5-14. Equal treatment

Some investors also have notification requirements:

Section 4-2 Notification requirement for primary insiders
Section 4-3 Duty of confidentiality and due care in handling inside information

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