VINX - Nordic equity indices

The VINX indices are produced in cooperation with Nasdaq OMX, and the indices have index constituent from all of the Nordic stock exchanges.

Changes November 2020

Please note that as of 01 December 2020 Oslo Børs will no longer deliver or license VINX Index EOD data directly to clients.

To learn how to gain access to VINX indices after 01 December 2020, please contact


VINX indices

The VINX indices are based on the Industry Classification Benchmark® (ICB) developed by FTSE. The main indices are:

  • VINX30 (Tradeable)
  • VINX Benchmark
  • VINX Benchmark Cap
  • VINX (All-share)

Sector indices are level 1 and level 2 in the ICB model.

All indices are calculated in EUR, SEK, NOK, ISK DKK with exception from VINX30 which is only calculated in EUR. All indices are also calculated as total return, net total return and price indices, with exception from VINX30 which is only calculated as a price index.

For more detailed information regarding main and sector indices, please see the index rules:

Daily Index Files

The daily files include, among other things, the following information for all official indices: 

  • Index symbol and ISIN
  • Index name
  • Index value
  • Index divisor
  • Index market capital
  • Number of index constituents
  • Constituent ticker and ISIN
  • Constituent ICB code
  • Constituent number of shares
  • Constituent market capital
  • Constituent close price
  • Constituent relative weight
  • Exchange the constituent is listed on
  • Corporate action information
Delivery and Availability

The VINX Indices are file-based (txt) and delivered by means of email or FTP (Get). The VINX Indices are delivered each trading day, except for holidays on all the Nordic exchanges.

The files are produced as unadjusted evening files between 18:00-20:00 CET and as adjusted morning files between 00:30-08:00 CET.


For information on custom made indices please contact us.

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