Participant Trading Data

Participant Trading Data can be sent as a report to brokers/ trading members of Oslo Børs. It provides detailed trading data of trades done by the broker on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Nordic ABM.

The Participant Trading Data (PTD) report contains all trades that have been executed by the broker/ trading member through the Oslo Børs trading system during the day. The product is available for both the equity markets and the fixed income markets.

More specifically, the following products are available:

  • Participant Trading Data, Equities: Details of all equity trades executed by own broker firm.
  • Participant Trading Data, Fixed Income: Details of all fixed income trades executed by own broker firm.
  • Participant Trading Data, All Bonds: Detals of all fixed Income trades executed by all broker firms.
Distribution and Availability

The product is file-based (xls or csv) and files are delivered by email or FTP (get).

The files are distributed before 08:00 CET the following trading day.

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