Oslo Børs Official Daily Price List

The Oslo Børs Official Daily Price List gives detailed price information for securities listed on the market places managed by Oslo Børs as well as for official indices and registered mutual funds.

The Oslo Børs Official Daily Price List is a daily publication that provides price information for all securities listed on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Merkur Market and Nordic ABM, as well as official indices and mutual funds registered with Oslo Børs.

The first page gives an aggregated view of trading volumes per security type per market as well as a graphical presentation of the development in trade volume and the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index the past twelve months. Furthermore the publication contains daily aggregated price information per security, index and registered mutual fund.

For listed securities such details may include:

  • Close price
  • Last bid
  • Last offer
  • High of the day
  • Low of the day
  • Volume weighted average price
  • Number of securities traded
  • Trade volume
  • Market value

For official equity and bond indices the publication gives index values for the past five trading days.

For registered mutual funds the publication provides the last reported net asset value together with year to date and three year’s return figures.

Delivery and Availability

The Oslo Børs Official Daily Price List is file-based (pdf) and delivered by means of e-mail or FTP (get).

The files are distributed each trading day after market close.

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