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Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”) will be implemented in Norway during 2019. The regulation will introduce several new requirements for managing insider lists, including format, documentation and the process related to delayed publication. Oslo Børs is currently in close dialog with issuers and financial advisors regarding delayed publication, where Oslo Børs brings our competence and experience into the development of NewsPoint InsiderTool in cooperation with the industry. Our goal is to offer a user friendly and functional product, which fulfills all statutory requirements while minimizing the possibility for the user to commit unintentional mistakes. InsiderTool will be included as a new module in NewsPoint.

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More Than Just Insider Lists

With NewsPoint InsiderTool you can crate both insider lists, lists for internal projects and lists of permanent insiders. An integrated user guide will help you through the process. You also have the possibility to upload internal documents, as well as documents required by regulations, into an electronic Archive.


Administer Company Access

In order to provide the users of NewsPoint InsiderTool more flexibility, each company appoints an administrator user that manages all user accounts for the company and access to the different lists.

The administrator user for NewsPoint InsiderTool does not have to be the same as for the other NewsPoint modules.


Storage of Information

The licence for NewsPoint InsiderTool includes storage of all information being registered in the system. By default, insider lists are stored for 5 years after the list is closed. Prior to the automatic deletion of a given list, you will receive a reminder to decide whether there are special circumstances that requires the list is stored for a longer period.


Automatic Distribution of E-mails

When adding a new person to an insider list, you simply have to enter their name and e-mail address, either by typing directly into the system or by importing from an Excel file. Once the information is registered, the insider receives an e-mail including a link to a secured web site to register the required information remaining. In this process, the insider also have to confirm that he or she understands the implications of being registered on an insider list.

After the inside information has been made public and the company closes the list, all required information is sent to Oslo Børs by e-mail, according to the rules and regulations for listed Companies.


Historical Data

Once you have been registered on an insider list, your information is stored and may be reused in other list, which makes future registering more time efficient. The manager of any given list may also reuse your information when creating a new list, provided both you and the manager previously have had access to the same list.

You may also create a new list by using a previous list as a template, which is useful in cases where the list of insiders are the same each time. This can for instance be relevant for presentations of financial statements.


Change Logs

All changes are stored in the system, which enables you to recreate a list at a certain date and time. You may also extract a complete overview of all amendments since the list was created.



NewsPoint InsiderTool is subject to the Oslo Børs’ strict requirements for data storage, user access and security through already established systems. It hereby ensures that your personal data is stored in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Each company will have their own separate storage space area on an Oslo Børs server, and Oslo Børs may only access the information if instructed by the Company.


Prices and Conditions

The license to use NewsPoint InsiderTool is NOK 36 000 per year. This includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited storage space, start-up costs and customer support.

By signing the licence agreement before 1 October 2018 a 20% discount will be granted for the full year 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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