Mutual Funds Reporting

Oslo Børs collects and distributes on a daily and monthly basis, price information and historic calculations on fund returns and risk measures. The mutual fund data is distributed to Norwegian media and other local and international vendors of financial information.

The fund managers or their distributors report daily NAV prices and dividends through an automatic email solution.

The fund information is distributed through the Oslo Børs Mutual Fund Feed (OMFF) with added value; such as return and risk calculations. The Norwegian Mutual Funds Association approves the methods of calculation.

This is how you register mutual funds on Oslo Børs:

  1. Sign the Mutual Fund Reporting Agreement
  2. Register your mutual funds
  3. Report daily NAV prices

Signing of Mutual Fund Reporting Agreement

The terms for the mutual fund reporting are enclosed in the agreement. Please return a signed copy of the agreement to us.

Registration of mutual funds

Please complete the registration form, one for each fund, and return them to us. You will receive a fund ID for each fund for use in the daily reporting of NAV prices.

Reporting daily NAV prices

The daily NAV prices are reported to Oslo Børs through an automatic e-mail solution. Please use the Template for Fund Information Update to generate and send the e-mail with correct format. Please find the Mutual Fund Reporting - User Guide attached for more information on the daily reporting.


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