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The Oslo Børs Mutual Fund Feed (OMFF) is an XML-feed containing fund data for more than 1500 Norwegian and foreign funds approved for sale in Norway. The fund information is reported to Oslo Børs from fund managers and distributors, and Oslo Børs calculates return and risk figures.

OMFF is divided into six modules whereas the first four are incremental dependent. Modules five and six are independent.

  1. Basic Module: Contains daily net asset value (NAV), yield, duration, total expense ratio, transaction and management fees, classification, name of benchmark index etc.
  2. Return Module: Contains the information from module 1 + return calculations for last week, last month and yearly up to 20 years.
  3. Dividend Module: Contains the information from module 2 + last ex-date and last dividend per share.
  4. Risk Module: Contains the information from module 3 + risk calculations; such as Sharpe Ratio, volatility, differential return and relatively volatility for various periods.
  5. Normalised Time Series Module: Contains adjusted 5-days NAV time series with dividend reinvested from the start of fund to date.
  6. Historic Return Series Module: Contains monthly return series from the start of fund to date.


Distribution and Availability

OMFF is file based (xml) and delivered by FTP (get) or e-mail.

Subscribers to OMFF can choose between receiving the files three times a day (at approximately 10:15 CET, 18:15 CET and 20:15 CET) or continuously every time Oslo Børs receive a price update. The exception is the Historic Return Series Module which is produced and distributed on a monthly basis.

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