Listing and Events Notice

The Listing and Events Notice product provides information on listing, delisting and corporate events for securities listed on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Merkur Market and Nordic ABM.

The Listing and Events Notice product is an email service notifying the subscriber whenever the following events occur:

  • Listing
  • Delisting
  • ISIN/Ticker/Name Changes
  • Dividends
  • Stock Splits
  • Rights Issues
  • Bonus Issues
  • Spin-Offs
  • Per Value Changes

The notices include key elements related to the applicable event, for instance for dividends these elements are ticker, ISIN code, security name, ex-date and dividend amount. A notice is distributed prior to the effective date, for instance for dividends this means ex-date. In the rare case of a situation where Oslo Børs is informed of the event by the issuer after the effective date, a notice will be distributed as soon as we do receive the information.

The product is divided in three categories:

  • Equities - Includes shares, equity certificates, subscription rights and exchange traded funds listed on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Merkur Market
  • Bonds - Includes bonds and certificates listed on Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM
  • Warrants - Includes warrants and exchange traded notes listed on Oslo Børs

The subscriber may choose to subscribe to one or more of the above.

Distribution and Availability

The Listing and Events Notices are file based (xls) and delivered by means of email

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