Index Governance and Framework

Benchmark Regulation (BMR) has been applicable in the EU since 1 January 2018. Existing benchmark administrators were given a two year transition period to adjust to the new regulation. Oslo Børs has applied to be registered as a Benchmark Administrator in accordance with the BMR by 1 January 2020.

On this page, any documents directly relating to the management of the indices provided by Oslo Børs will be gathered once the exchange is registered as administrator under BMR. The page will at any given time include central documents relating to current index production. The documents describe how indices are calculated, as well as the framework followed as an index producer.

The overview of pending applicants to be registered administrator under the Benchmark Regulation is found here.

Current Oslo Børs index rules and governance:

Index methodology



For more information about the Oslo Børs index products, please view Equity Indices, VINX – Nordic equity indices, Core Bond Indices and specialized bond and money market indices. You will also find further information about the day-to-day index movements under quotes and markets.



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