Fundamental data - bonds

Fundamental Data - Bonds includes information concerning bond fundamentals and events that effects the valuation of bonds listed at Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM.

Changes November 2020

Please note that there will be changes for the Fundamental data products as of November 2020 following the migration of Euronext and Oslo Børs.
As of 30 November 2020, the Bond files (ob_bonds) will be decommissioned, and new files will be provided by Oslo Børs as a replacement

The new Client Specification is available here:

Euronext integration plans:

For more information, please contact the Market Data Licensing Support by sending an email to


Fundamental data - bonds

Fundamental Data - Bonds contains the following detailed information 

  • Key dates (Issue date, maturity date, interest as from date, first cupon payment, first downpayment date and tap issue period)
  • Fundamentals (Cupon rate, cupon frequency, amortisation type, down payment Method, denomination amount, cash flow and risk category)
  • Companies (borrower, trustee, paying agent)
Distribution and Availability

The product is file based (xml) and delivered by means of email or FTP (Get). Files are delivered each trading day after market Close.

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