Equity indices

The Oslo Børs Equity Index Weights product includes information sufficient to calculate the Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess official indices. 

The Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess indices, except OSEEX, are based on the Global Industry Classification Standard ® (GICS) developed by MSCI and Standard & Poor’s. All official indices are total return indices. The main indices are: 

  • Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX)
  • OBX (OBX)
  • Oslo Børs OBX Oil Service Index (OBOSX)
  • Oslo Børs All-Share Index (OSEAX)
  • Oslo Børs Mutual Fund Index (OSEFX)
  • Oslo Børs Mid Cap Index (OSEMX)
  • Oslo Børs Small Cap Index (OSESX)
  • Oslo Børs Equity Certificate Index (OSEEX)
  • Oslo Axess All-Share Index (OAAX)

Sector indices are level 1 and level 2 in the GICS model.

For more detailed information regarding main and sector indices, please see "Index Methodology – Equities" and further documents

GICS-structure (pdf, 454 kB)


Index Products 

Oslo Børs offers index weights with delivery either on a daily or monthly basis. They include the following information for all official indices:

  • Index symbol and ISIN
  • Index value and vwap
  • Index divisor
  • Index market value
  • Constituent symbol and ISIN
  • Constituent number of shares
  • Constituent market value
  • Constituent relative weight and turnover
  • Constituent price and adjusted price
  • Constituent dividend
  • Constituent adjustment factor
  • Constituent changes and GICS sector

The Index Notice is distributed for the OSEBX, OSEFX and OBX indices and has the following information content:

  • Methodology changes: Material changes to the rules are normally announced 3 months before put into effect.
  • Semi-annual index rebalancing: A notice is normally announced no less than one week prior to implementation.
  • Daily maintenance: Adjustments due to corporate events are normally announced as soon as possible after Oslo Børs has received all information needed to accomplish the adjustments and no later than the day prior to the event taking effect.


Distribution and Availability

The index weights are file based and delivered by FTP (get) or email. The Index Notice is delivered by e-mail.

For information on price return indices and custom made indices please contact us.



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