Corporate Actions Calendar

The Corporate Actions Calendar is an online calendar for tracking upcoming corporate actions and dividends for shares and equity certificates traded on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

The Corporate Actions Calendar offers details with ex-date status in a simple, easy-to-use calendar format that allows users to:

  • Keep up-to-date with corporate actions
  • Anticipate the pricing impact of key events on securities
  • Prepare both front and back offices for impending announcements
  • Verify and update the data quality on your own database

The Corporate Actions Calendar includes dividends and events that have adjustment factors. The applicable event types for listed securities on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess are:

  • Dividend
  • Stock split
  • Rights issue
  • Bonus issue
  • Spin-off
  • Issue of convertible debt
  • Stock dividend

Other event types, such as private placements and share buybacks, have no adjustment factors and are not included in the calendar.

Corporate Actions

For corporate actions the calendar includes information on stock name and ticker, event type, ex-date, terms, number of shares, subscription price and adjustment factor.

Dividend Events

For dividend events the calendar includes information on stock name and ticker, dividend type, ex-date, dividend amount and pay date.

Subscription types

Standard: Includes present and upcoming events

Plus: Includes present, upcoming and historical events

Distribution and Availability

The events are updated daily on Oslo Børs VPS Arena.

For more information please contact: / tel +47 40 00 23 13

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