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When Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”) is implemented in Norway, several new requirements will be introduced for managing insider lists, including format, documentation and the process related to delayed publication. Oslo Stock Exchange endeavours to contribute to an easier exchange experience for issuers and third parties, and we already give support and advice on issues regarding delayed publication and insider lists. We now seek to deliver a user-friendly, functional product that simplifies the process of managing insider lists and minimises the potential of unintended user errors. InsiderTool is included as a module in NewsPoint.

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More Than Just Insider Lists

With NewsPoint InsiderTool you can create insider lists in the event of delayed disclosure, internal ad-hoc lists, as well as lists of permanent insiders. The structure of the list is built up such that it fulfils all formal requirements pursuant to MAR. The product also facilitates the ability to upload internal documentation to an electronic Archive.


Complient With MAR

MAR sets up a number of new requirements to the management of insider lists in the event of delayed disclosure. To simplify the process and make the management of insider lists less time consuming, NewsPoint InsiderTool has mandatory fields that must be filled out before the insider list can be established.

In order to use InsiderTool before MAR in implemented in Norwegian legislation, we have made some adjustments in the system. Some of the functionality is deactivated, this includes notifications to competent authorities and the functionality for creating lists of permanent insiders. More information on how to use the system before MAR is available in InsiderTool.


Management of user access by the company itself

In order to provide the users of NewsPoint InsiderTool the highest level of flexibility, each company appoints an administrator user that manages all user accounts for the company and user access to the different lists. The administrator user for NewsPoint InsiderTool does not have to be the same as for the other NewsPoint modules. The administrator may register new users, create lists and administrate asses to different functions and lists as well as administrate the storage time for insider lists. The administrator may create both internal and external users for the company’s insider lists.


Automatic notifications by establishment and closure of lists

When a new insider is regsitered on a list, the person handling the insider list is only required to fill out information about name, telephone number and e-mail of the person. One can either register the information directly in the system or import the information through an Excel-file. When the information is registered, an e-mail notification with the Oslo Stock Exchange as sender will be sent to all persons on the list. The e-mail contains an encrypted link which gives access to a page where the respondents themselves can fill out and control all personal data before the list is returned to the system. The administrator will then receive a notification and can do a last check of all fields being correctly filled out.

The person handling the insider list can also send reminders to those who have not returned the form properly filled out.

When the list is ready to be closed as a result of planned events having been carried out and the inside information is published, an automatic notification is sent to the Oslo Stock Exchange. The notification will contain all required information pursuant to the requirements in MAR.


Re-use of information

If you previously have been entered on an insider list in NewsPoint InsiderTool, your information will be stored, such that the fields are filled out automatically if you become an insider at another time. Given that the person entering you on a list have access to a list that you have previously been submitted to, your information will be filled out automatically.


Re-use of lists

If the persons registered on a list is mainly the same from time to time, you may re-use a previous list as a basis for creating a new list.


Storage and security

NewsPoint InsiderTool complies with our strict requirements to data storage, user access and security through the already established systems of the Oslo Stock Exchange, and we ensure that your personal data is attended to in accordance with both MAR and GDPR. As a result of the Oslo Stock Exchange becoming a data processor, users of NewsPoint InsiderTool has to sign a Data Processing Agreement with the Oslo Stock Exchange before the services can be taken in use.

The license agreement to NewsPoint InsiderTool includes five years storage of data. When the expiry of the five year period is approaching, a notification will be sent to the user. The user can then consider whether it is necessary to store the data for more than the five years and manage the time period for storage of the list. Information about each company will be stored on separate parts of the data servers of the Oslo Stock Exchange. Oslo Stock Exchange cannot access the lists without written permission from the Companies.

Read more about the security in the produkt:

Logbook of amendments and historical lists

All updates of the lists are traced and stored. This makes it possible to take out historical lists, either at certain dates and times, or as a complete overview of all amendments having been made since the relevant list was established.



The Oslo Stock Exchange receives questions from issuers and financial advisors regarding delayed disclosure on a daily basis, and assists with both guidance and information in that respect. We have made use of our competence and experience when developing the system, with the aim of creating a system which fulfils formal requirements, but which also is user friendly and functional. With NewsPoint InsiderTool we can contribute to a easier work day to an even larger extent than today, by also answering questions regarding the handling of insider lists pursuant to the functionality of the system.


Prices and Conditions

The license to use NewsPoint InsiderTool is NOK 36 000 per year. This includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited storage space, start-up costs and customer support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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