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Issuer products target publicly listed companies. These companies have to meet expectations and requirements from investors, employees, authorities and others. Oslo Børs, VPS and OMS have a broad range of services that makes life easier for publicly listed companies. We gladly offer assistance in finding which products cover each company’s need.

We offer products related to:


Distribution of Company Announcements
Efficient and secure distribution that meets the company's reporting requirements. The service includes public announcements through Newsweb. It also includes registering information in the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM), as well as distribution via the Oslo Børs newsfeed and trading system.

With InsiderLog you create and maintain an updated digital insider list online, saving considerable time and ensuring compliance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). More than 400 listed companies, banks and law firms already use InsiderLog. Until MAR is incorporated in the Norwegian law, InsiderLog is adjusted to be compliant with the current Norwegian legislation.

Investor Relations

IR Web Modules
The IR Web Modules give easy access to relevant data, such as current share price, the order book, broker statistics, your financial calandar, dividends, public announcements and last trades. The modules are in a responsive web design and can seamlessly be included in any existing website. The company has the option of a standardized solutions with the most common features, or a customized solution to fit specific needs and requirements.

Top 20 Shareholders
An overview of the 20 largest shareholders in a listed company updated weekly. The list of shareholders can be integrated seamlessly to the company's website.

Company webcast
High-end webcast and webinar solutions to help your company connect with a wider audience. Formats are available for marketing & external communication, internal communication, training & development, and investor relations. Broadcast from a studio for a webinar of TV-standard quality, or produce your own webinars independently using our self-service solution

IR Manager
With the intuitive platform, this is a complete tool for handling IR. You have access to contact information for more than 220.000 professional investors, 45.000 investment firms and 55.000 funds and can see their holdings of shares in your company. With an app, you also have access to information when meetings with investors and you can add your own notes also without internet connection.

Shareholder analysis
Investors often maintain their portfolio in their bank's nominee accounts. Nominee ID identifies beneficial owners and fund managers for securities held on nominee accounts.

Post-listing advisory
Our team of advisors offer assistance to decision makers in SMB companies with advisory services and analysis, so that the company can reach its strategic goals for the capital market.  

Company Performance Report
The Company Performance Report provides detailed trade and liquidity information for a listed company such as spread and order coverage, historical prices, trade volumes and broker activity.

Broker Statistics Issuer
Broker Statistics Issuer provides each of Oslo Børs' trading member's market share within a security and consists of a monthly report and a quarterly report. 


The board portal to organise and run board meetings more efficiently through a user friendly interface. You may add and remove users according to your needs, and you only pay a small fee per user per month.

VPS Employee Share Saving
A complete product for companies who invite and encourage employees to participate in the company’s growth and value creation. The solution simplifies and streamlines share-based remuneration programs.

VPS General Meetings
Efficient and professional support for general meetings. The product covers the entire range from distributing the notice calling a meeting to the meeting itself. 


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