Products and services

Oslo Børs offers a wide range of market data products, brochure material, courses and seminars and issuer products.

Market data

Oslo Børs offers a wide range of market data products which includes price feeds, fund information, fundamental data as well as products for our trading members/ brokers. Market data to end-users are supplied through our vendors.

Courses and seminars

Oslo Børs hosts and organizes a number of courses and seminars throughout the year, focusing on different areas within the securities market.

Brochure material

A collection of various brochures covering the securities market and the different products we offer from Oslo Børs and the Oslo Børs VPS Group - for both investors and issuers.

Issuer Products

Issuer products target publicly listed companies. These companies have to meet expectations and requirements from investors, employees, authorities and others. Oslo Børs, VPS and OMS have a broad range of services that makes life easier for publicly listed Companies.


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