Oslo Børs NewsPoint - New login process

From Monday 23 November 2020, Oslo Børs NewsPoint will move to the Euronext Connect Customer Portal. As of the evening of 23 November 2020, NewsPoint users will be required to log into NewsPoint through the new customer portal.

From Monday 23 November 2020, Oslo Børs NewsPoint will move to the Euronext Connect Customer Portal.

This is part of the changes following the integration of Oslo Børs into the Euronext Group in spring 2019, and specifically the migration of the Oslo Markets to the Optiq® trading technology used by the other Euronext marketplaces, due to take place on 30 November 2020 for equities and 7 December 2020 for bonds.

As of the evening of 23 November 2020, as a NewsPoint user, you will be required to log into NewsPoint through our customer portal, Euronext Connect. Once logged in, you will be able to navigate onto the NewsPoint user interface.

There will be no functional changes made in NewsPoint beyond log-in and user administration/user profile.

Please note that due to this launch, NewsPoint will be unavailable from 17:30 to 20:00 on 23 November 2020.

To prepare for the launch of NewsPoint on Connect on 23 November 2020 and to help you in this transition, a test version of the NewsPoint log-in via Connect will be available so that you can test your access and set up your new password and verify the two-factor authentication process.

New Log-in Process and Testing

The email address registered in NewsPoint will become your username to log into Connect. You will need to reset your password when signing into Connect for the first time.

  • From Friday 13 November, you can test your Connect access and the single sign-on process (SSO) with two-factor authentication (TFA) on the test platform of NewsPoint.
  • On Monday 23 November at 20:00, Connect will be the only way you can access NewsPoint.

Until 23 November, the current NewsPoint log-in process remains unchanged in production.

Please read the attached appendix providing step-by-step instructions on how to access Connect. 

User Profile

As from 23 November 2020, User Profiles will be managed on the Connect customer portal. Any change related to your personal information made on NewsPoint until then will be replicated on Connect on 23 November.

User Administration

All issuers should have a NewsPoint user with administrator rights (“Administrator”) within their team. The Administrator has the rights to create new user profiles and manage the profiles of existing NewsPoint users.

From 23 November, user administration tasks will be performed via the Euronext Connect customer portal. A detailed description of these tasks will be available in the updated NewsPoint user documentation, to be published shortly.

Further information about the new functionalities for user administration/user profile will be made available in the Euronext Connect customer portal prior to the launch of Connect on 23 November. We will also remind you of the new log-in routines from 23 November.

Should you have any questions concerning these changes, please contact the Oslo Børs Market Administration team at ma@oslobors.no, + 47 22341945.

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