Oslo Børs’ Green Bonds list will be merged with Euronext ESG Bonds from 7 December 2020

Following the acquisition of Oslo Børs by Euronext in June 2019, trading on Oslo Børs/Nordic ABM will migrate onto the Euronext’s trading systems on 7 December 2020. From the same date, Oslo Børs’ Green Bonds list will be merged with Euronext ESG Bonds, which is a consolidated highly visible area for all marketplaces in Euronext.

In January 2015, Oslo Børs became the first stock exchange in the world with a separate list for green bonds. The list, which was established to highlight (increase the visibility of) green investment choices, will continue to be further developed through Euronext ESG Bonds.

In order to gain entry to Euronext ESG Bonds, the ESG Bond Declaration Form should be submitted to debt@euronext.com, please see attached.

Please note that the already signed ESG Bond Declaration Form will be deemed to apply to future ESG bond issues. Subsequent green bonds admitted to listing on Oslo Børs / Nordic ABM will therefore automatically gain entry to Euronext ESG Bonds.

Other entry requirements for Euronext ESG Bonds are the same as for Oslo Børs’ Green Bonds list, please see attached the «Euronext ESG Bonds Process».

Bonds included on Oslo Børs’ Green Bonds list are currently marked with suffix G in the ticker code. As of 7 December, the suffix will be changed to ESG.

A vast majority of the bond issuers on Oslo Børs / Nordic ABM are already included on Euronext ESG Bonds. An overview of these can be found by filtering on "location" Oslo in the following link: https://live.euronext.com/en/products/fixed-income/esg-bonds

About Euronext ESG Bonds
Euronext ESG Bonds was established in November 2019 and is a consolidated highly visible area for ESG bonds listed on all Euronext locations; Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris and Oslo. Euronext is home to 300+ ESG bonds listed from more than 130 issuers across the globe. Euronext ESG Bonds includes green bonds, blue bonds, social bonds, sustainability bonds and sustainability linked bonds.

Information on requirements and process can be found in the attached document «Euronext ESG Bonds Process», which is also available on the Euronext website: https://www.euronext.com/en/list-products/bonds/esg-bonds.

About Oslo Børs’ green bonds list
The Oslo Børs’ Green Bonds list was established in January 2015 to increase the visibility of green investment choices. The list currently includes 62 green bonds from 28 issuers.

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