The difference between Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess

Norwegian public limited companies and equivalent foreign companies can apply for their shares to be listed on Oslo Børs or on Oslo Axess.

Listing on Oslo Børs represents a full stock exchange listing that complies with all EU requirements, while listing on Oslo Axess gives companies access to an authorised and fully regulated marketplace. Listed companies are subject to all the obligations of stock exchange listing, regardless of the marketplace on which they are listed.

Oslo Børs is the obvious choice for larger companies that have an established track record and a wide distribution of shareholders. Oslo Axess is suitable for companies that have less than three years' history but seek the quality stamp and other benefits associated with listing on a regulated marketplace. Equity certificates can be listed on Oslo Børs but cannot be listed on Oslo Axess.

The choice between the two markets will normally be determined by the differences in the requirements for admission to listing, since Oslo Axess has somewhat less detailed requirements than Oslo Børs.

Savings banks and other mutually owned entities can apply for their equity certificates to be admitted to a separate list.

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