Listing process

The formal listing process starts when the company files an introductory report to Oslo Børs, the report setting out how the company complies, or expects to comply, with the listing criteria. This report triggers an eight-week process. This introductory report is the basis for Oslo Børs’ initial and confidential review.

If the company is primary listed in either Singapore or Toronto, SGX or TMX will be consulted directly by Oslo Børs during this phase based on their experience with the company. After four weeks, the company files an application for listing. At this point it will be made public that the company is seeking a secondary listing in Oslo. The eight-week process culminates with the board of Oslo Børs approving the company for listing. Trading of the shares must begin within 45 calendar days of the approval.

A listing and IPO prospectus must be produced according to European Union requirements and must be approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway prior to the first day of listing.

Top management of the company, accompanied by at least one board representative, will need to meet with Oslo Børs during the process. This is both to discuss compliance with the listing criteria, as well as to be briefed on the continuing listing obligations the company will have to fulfil on Oslo Børs.

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