Listing structure and liquidity categories

Listed shares are allocated to categories based on their liquidity, with a separate category for listed equity certificates (ECs).


Liquidity categories for shares and ECs listed on Oslo Børs are:

  • OBX: Shares included in the OBX Index, normally 25 shares.
  • OB Match: Shares with a minimum of 10 trades per day on average, excl. OBX or shares with less than 10 trades but with a liquidity provider scheme.
  • OB Standard: Shares with fewer than 10 trades per day on average and without a liquidity provider agreement.
  • OB New: Newly listed shares.
  • OB Equity Certificates: Listed ECs.

Periodic rebalancing

The allocations to categories will be rebalanced every six months. The new category allocations will come into force on the first Monday after the third Friday of June and December. The target measurement periods are from 1 December to and including 31 May and from 1 June to and including 30 November.

Industry Classification (GICS)

Companies listed on Oslo Børs are also categorised according to industry sectors based on the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), a global standard developed by MSCI and S&P Global. Companies are categorised on 4 levels, there are 11 sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries and 158 sub-industries. On the Oslo Børs’ web pages for shares, the appropriate sector classification is listed next to each individual share (Level 1). Additionally, all shares may be presented according to industry sector on separate menu item.

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