Normal listing process

The formal dialogue between a company and Oslo Børs on admission to listing is estimated to take a minimum of eight weeks.

The various stages of this process can be described as follows:

  • The process is launched by the company or its financial adviser sending an explanation of how it intends to satisfy the criteria for listing to the management of Oslo Børs. This must be provided at least five working days before what is known as the introductory meeting.
  • The introductory meeting with the management of Oslo Børs must be held at least 15 business days before submitting an application. The meeting is used to present the company, its management, board of directors and business activities, and to explain what corporate actions the company intends to carry out in anticipation of the listing, for example a share issue, distribution sale or dispersal sale by existing shareholders.
  • As a rule the listing process will include undergoing a due diligences review in accordance with normal market practice. The result of the due diligence investigations shall be presented by the advisers that carry out due diligence in a separate meeting with Oslo Børs within three trading days before the application for listing is submitted.
  • The decision on admitting shares for listing are made by the Listing Committee or the Board of Oslo Børs. The application for listing must be submitted at least 20 business days before the date of a regular meeting of the Listing Committee / Board of Directors of Oslo Børs at which the application is due to be considered.
  • Once the application is approved by the Listing Committee / Board of Oslo Børs, the company has 45 days in which to arrange the first day of listing.

A company considering listing must also expect to spend time on its own preparations for becoming a listed company.

We provide support for the company's own preparations

A company will normally have a lot of questions when it is considering whether to apply for listing. How does the application process work? What assistance is available? What preparations do we need to make? What are the criteria for "suitable for listing"? The listing advisers at Oslo Børs are ready to work as discussion partners at this stage, helping you to gather the necessary information so that you can make the right decisions. We also provide practical guidance through all the stages of the application process.

Introduction fee

Varies according to market capitalisation at time of listing. For more information, see current price tariff.

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