Listed companies' home state

Below is an overview of listed companies. Oslo Børs is providing this list as an aid and guidance for the market participants.

The list includes the following information:

  • which market the company is listed on
  • which home state the company belongs to
  • whether the company is primary or secondary listed
  • whether the company is subject to Norwegian take over rules (mandatory and voluntary bid rules)
  • whether the company is subject to the EU/EEA rules regarding shared jurisdiction/choice of law


Oslo Børs is not undertaking any responsibility to whether the list contains full and correct information about every company. The content of this list has been checked by Oslo Børs prior to publication, but Oslo Børs will not be liable for any financial damages as a consequence of any errors or omissions in this list. Oslo Børs will aim to keep the list updated, but does not have any obligation at every point of time to keep the list updated with full and correct information for each company.

The list should not be considered as Oslo Børs' decision about the relevant circumstances.The list has not been updated with companies that have applied for listing on Oslo Børs/Oslo Axess, but which have not yet been listed.The information on this list is subject to change without notice.

It should be noted that the list of listed companies' home state does not provide information on where the companies are resident for tax purposes.

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