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The Norwegian state's principles for good ownership

The Norwegian state holds significant interests in Norwegian business and industry, and the state wishes to apply generally accepted principles for good practice in exercising its ownership role in order to ensure that both the companies involved and the state itself enjoy the market's confidence. This will help to ensure that the state's actions are seen as rational and predictable, and thereby generate confidence in the state as a shareholder.

See more of the Government’s ownership policy at www.eierberetningen.no

The state has adopted a set of paramount principles for good ownership. These principles apply to all state companies, whether they are wholly or only part state-owned. The principles are in accordance with generally accepted principles for corporate governance. The principles address important issues such as equal treatment, transparency, independence, composition of the board of directors and the board’s role etc.

Eierforum - 10 rules for good shareholder accountability

Eierforum is an informal group of investors that represents the major institutional investors in Norway, with equity funds and life insurance companies playing a particularly active role. The group has produced a list of "10 rules for good shareholder accountability".


Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts: Recommended norms for good corporate governance in Norway

In the preliminary work to the Code of Practice, The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts (NFF) in 2002 produced draft recommendations on good corporate governance. NFF's proposal contains a comprehensive set of recommendations together with numerous concrete and specific examples of good corporate governance. (Only available in Norwegian)

The draft was updated in 2003 after several suggestions from consultations parties. (Only available in Norwegian)

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