Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess

Good liquidity in equities

A large number of broking firms trade on Oslo Børs. Virtually all of these firms have extensive contacts with both Norwegian and international investors, and they are very active in encouraging investor interest in the shares listed on our market. This provides a sound basis for good liquidity in the shares listed on the Oslo market.

A marketplace regulated in accordance with EU directives

Oslo Børs operates in accordance with all the current EU directives and standards in respect of trading, reporting requirements, market surveillance and opening hours. This means that investors and broking firms will find the same regulatory and operating environment that they are used to from other European marketplaces. All companies listed on Oslo Børs must comply with the continuing obligations imposed by EU directives.

Attractive sectors

The energy sector, including oil and gas related businesses, accounts for around one third of the total market capitalisation of the Oslo market. We are also the world's leading exchange for fishery and aquaculture, and a sizeable number of shipping companies have chosen Oslo as their listing venue. Many of the broking firms that are members of Oslo Børs have developed specialised expertise in corporate finance, broking and investment research for companies in these industries, and they are in regular contact with large networks of investors that focus on this kind of company.

Extremely good research coverage

Virtually all the broking firms that are members of Oslo Børs, both Norwegian international, provide comprehensive investment research for companies in all the sectors represented on the Oslo market.

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