Preparatory activities prior to submitting an application

Oslo Børs recommends that all companies and savings banks considering applying for admission to trading on Merkur Market start their preparations as early as possible. 

Our experience over the years is that companies can save a significant amount of time and money by preparing internal staff and procedures and by producing a schedule of agreements and other company-critical documentation well before due diligence is started and the application documentation has to be prepared.

Other matters that require planning and that can take several weeks’ time to put in place include obtaining VPS registration for the company’s shares, any capital increases and/or dispersal sales that are to be carried out by existing shareholders in connection with the company’s admission to trading, and drawing up good procedures for disclosing information on an ongoing basis and for providing the market with periodic financial reports. 

Purely in order to ensure the admission process is efficiently and appropriately planned, the Admission Rules now require all companies applying for admission to appoint a Merkur Advisor to assist them. Oslo Børs publishes a list of all the broking firms that have been approved as Merkur Advisors.

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