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A public listing provides greater opportunities for access to capital and makes the shares more liquid. Many investors invest only in listed companies, partly because listed companies are subject to stricter requirements than others, and this gives investors greater confidence in investing in listed shares.

Oslo Børs is the obvious choice for larger companies with an established track record and a significant shareholder base, and represents a full stock exchange listing in accordance with EU requirements.

Oslo Axess is suitable for companies that have less than three years of history and who seek a quality stamp and other benefits associated with listing on a regulated market.

Merkur Market is an option for all types of companies, ranging from newly incorporated growth companies, to savings banks or mature industry companies, that do not satisfy the listing requirements or do not wish to be fully listed on a regulated market.

Companies that are already listed on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess can temporary admit shares to trading on Merkur Market, either new shares that belong to a class of shares that is already listed, or shares that belong to a new class of shares. 

We offer everything a company might need for a stock exchange listing.

Efficient listing process

Relative to many other marketplaces, the process for admission to listing on Oslo Børs is both cost effective and speedy. It often takes just eight weeks from the start of the process to the first day of listing. Our listing experts are happy to help with advice and guidance throughout all stages of the admission process.

Access to international as well as Norwegian sources of capital

More than half of the broking firms active on Oslo Børs are international firms, and international investors dominate daily trading. This means that listed companies have a good basis for attracting international sources of capital.

Efficient, state-of-the-art trading systems

Oslo Børs operates two trading systems for the cash and derivatives markets respectively, Millennium and SOLA, which are based on internationally recognized trading rules and methodology. These systems are well-established, and are familiar to both Norwegian and international market participants. These systems ensure rapid matching of buy and sell orders, and help to ensure efficient trading.

Easier to arrange other forms of financing

A company that has its shares listed on Oslo Børs will find it quicker and easier to list other types of securities. This makes it easier to arrange other forms of financing by issuing securities such as bonds or short-term certificates that can be listed on the Oslo marketplaces.

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