Euronext Green Bonds

In November 2019 Euronext announced the creation of a new Euronext Green Bonds area across its six market locations; Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Paris and Oslo. Euronext is home to 200+ green bonds from 80+ issuers across the globe including sovereigns, supranational issuers, financial institutions, corporates and pure play issuers.

Registration on the EURONEXT GREEN Bonds list entails:

  • Increased ‘green’ visibility and ESG credentials for the company
  • No additional cost
  • The only additional obligation is that issuers are required to email further green related documentation to as it arises
  • The bond will continue to be listed and traded in Oslo

For more details, please visit the designated website area for EURONEXT GREEN Bonds.

To apply for admission to EURONEXT GREEN Bonds, please complete and send the signed Green Bond Declaration Form to

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