Listing/registration of interest-bearing instruments

With a bond loan or a certificate loan, you can finance investments and the development of your business. However, many investors will only invest in loans listed/registered on a regulated and supervised marketplace. Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM operate just such marketplaces, giving you access to a larger investor base than would otherwise be available.

Why list/register loans?

By listing bonds or short-term interest-bearing instruments (certificates) on Oslo Børs or registering bonds on Nordic ABM, borrowers gain access to a larger investor base because some investors will only buy listed/registered bonds and certificates. There are a number of reasons for some investors to make this distinction, including:

  • The requirement for an approved admission document ensures that investors have access to all the information relevant to their investment decision
  • Issuers have a continuing duty to provide the market with financial information and to notify any developments significant for the pricing of their interest-bearing securities
  • Professional and systematic surveillance of the market ensures fair and proper trading
  • Organised and efficient trading through a reliable trading system
  • Information on the market and individual issues is available on the Oslo Børs website

Other benefits

 In addition to gaining access to more investors, listing/registering interest-bearing securities offers a number of other benefits:

  • Publicity for the issuer on the Oslo Børs website
  • Some brokers assert that investors accept a lower return for listed/registered loans rather than unlisted loans

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Interest-bearing instruments