Get access to capital through listing on international and attractive marketplaces. Oslo Børs stand out from the rest of the Nordic markets with many new share listings.

Shares and equity certificates

A public listing provides greater opportunities for access to capital and makes the shares more liquid. Many investors invest only in listed companies, partly because listed companies are subject to stricter requirements than others, and this gives investors greater confidence in investing in listed shares.

More than half of the broking firms active on Oslo Børs are international firms, and international investors dominate daily trading. This means that listed companies have a good basis for attracting international sources of capital. A large number of broking firms trade on Oslo Børs. This provides a sound basis for good liquidity in the shares listed on the Oslo market. Listed companies enjoy extremely good research coverage. We provide very efficient listing processes.

Interest-bearing instruments

With a bond loan or a certificate loan, you can finance investments and the development of your business. However, many investors will only invest in loans listed/registered on a regulated and supervised marketplace. Listing/registration of bonds on Oslo Børs and Nordic ABM will give you access to a larger investor base than would otherwise be available.

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