Web pages has been moved to Euronext

Many of our web pages on oslobors.no have now been moved. We will redirect you to the matching page on one of the Euronext websites.

Going forward the Oslo Børs website will be integrated in the Euronext online offer. We will take a step by step approach following the migration of our markets to the new Optiq trading systems. From 30 November web pages with price data for shares, equity certificates and indices will be moved, and from 7 December the web pages with price data for bonds and derivatives will be moved. Pages with other content will also be moved in the coming weeks.

The goal is that you as a user will get a better experience than before. A lot of information will still be available in Norwegian, and price quotes will now be updated in almost real time - not with a 15-minute delay as is the case on oslobors.no now. We will also extend the price chart history from 5 to 20 years.

The Euronext web offer consists of 3 websites:

  • Euronext.com – learn about our company, products and services
  • Live.euronext.com – Listed and traded products, product specifications and quotes
  • Connect – Our portal for Euronext customers

For now, the navigation on oslobors.no will remain unchanged. If you click on a menu item or use a URL for a page that has moved, we will redirect you to the matching page on the Euronext websites. We recommend that you bookmark the new pages, so you do not have to be forwarded every time.

Contact us

Oslo Børs

  • Tollbugata 2
  • Box 460 Sentrum, 0105 Oslo
  • +47 22 34 17 00

www.oslobors.no will be moved to Euronext on Monday 1 February. Read more here