Unique bell ceremony to open Merkur Market

Seven new companies will be admitted to trading when the Merkur Market marketplace opens on 13 January. Never before will so many new companies have debuted at Oslo Børs on a single day.

There is much interest in Merkur Market. When the new marketplace opens for trading on Wednesday 13 January, as many as seven new companies will celebrate their first day of trading with Oslo Børs.

The stage is therefore set for what will be a unique bell ceremony. All seven new companies will ring the bell at 9 AM on Wednesday morning, taking it in turns to do so from the various balconies at Oslo Børs.

The companies come from a wide range of sectors, from seafood and IT to savings banks and real estate, with the best-selling fictional character Morgan Kane also represented. The companies also have a good geographical spread.

The following seven companies have been admitted to trading on Merkur Market, and is expected to start trading on 13 January:

  • Aasen Sparebank: Local savings bank. https://aasen-sparebank.no/
  • Atlantic Lumpus: Seafood company that will produce lumpfish (Cyclopterus Lumpus) as cleanerfish to sea lice. http://www.atlanticlumpus.no/english/
  • Black Sea Property: Real estate company with partial ownership of a real estate project on the Black sea coast called the Aheloy Residence Resort.
  • Induct: Software company offering Innovation Communities, delivered as “Software as a Service”, that enable organisations to create, manage, track and measure the innovation process. http://www.inductsoftware.com/
  • Oxxy: Software company providing a web design and online publishing platform for SMEs, freelancers, design and fine arts professionals. https://www.oxxy.com/no/
  • Sino Agro Food: Protein food production and development company operating in the People’s Republic of China. The company’s goal is to produce and market sustainable seafood and beef to the rapidly growing middle class in China. http://www.sinoagrofood.com/
  • WR Entertainment: Entertainment company focused on book-to-film entertainment, currently producing its first motion picture, Morgan Kane. http://widerelease.com/

About Merkur Market
Merkur Market is an option for smaller and medium-sized companies that want simpler access to the capital markets, as well as for large companies that do not satisfy the admission requirements or do not wish to be fully listed on a regulated market.

Merkur Market is a multilateral trading facility subject to the rules in the Securities Trading Act, the Securities Trading Regulations and the marketplace’s own rules. The rules and regulations are less comprehensive than for companies listed on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess. Merkur Market is not a regulated market, and is therefore not subject to the Stock Exchange Act or to the Stock Exchange Regulations. Investors should take this into account.

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