Corporate values and business ethics

Our corporate culture is based on the shared values of respect, responsibility, teamwork, and flexibility.


  • We pay close attention to other people’s views
  • We recognise the value of our being different and being responsible for different duties
  • We are loyal to decisions once they have been taken


  • I say what I mean
  • I talk with colleagues, not about them
  • I deliver what I promise
  • I am involved in and committed to what I do, and I make my expertise available wherever it is needed


  • We all work together toward shared objectives, and we recognise that we all play an important part
  • We find the best solutions by working together
  • We all help each other


  • We arrange our working hours to suit the needs of our customers, of the group and of our employees
  • We put in the effort and help out to make sure that what everything that needs to be done is done
  • We see new challenges as opportunities and a way to learn

Oslo Børs ASA is 100% owned by Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA. Read the ethical guidelines the group has established for employees.

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