Listing Q&A

Please find below the most frequent listing questions and answers regarding the Oslo Børs migration to Euronext.




Customer relations

Post migration, will I still have an Account Manager based in Oslo?

If you represent an issuer of shares, you will have a Norwegian-speaking account manager who is familiar with Norwegian regulations and the local eco-system. You will find your Account Manager’s name and contact information on Euronext Connect, Euronext ‘s Costumer Portal.

Bond issuers will have access to support from a Bonds Support Desk and will be in contact with Norwegian-speaking representatives familiar with Norwegian regulations and the local eco-system. You will find contact information to the Bond Support Desk on Connect, Euronext’s Costumer Portal.


What is Euronext Connect?

Euronext Connect ("Connect") is Euronext‘s customer portal, where companies can find information about their listing. It contains exclusive real-time monitoring of your company’s shares, historical trading data and will allow you to manage subscriptions to news alerts and a daily summary of the trading in your stock. In addition, you will be able to access NewsPoint through Connect.


For more information:



Where can I find the Connect web site?


Please find the address to the Connect home page (



I cannot access Connect. Who can help me?

If you have questions regarding login or NewsPoint, please contact the Oslo Børs Market Administration team at , or reach them at + 47 22341945.



I have questions regarding the content in Connect. Where can I search for answers?

If you have questions regarding Connect, please contact your Oslo Børs Account Manager. When you access Connect you will find an introduction video to explain the content available on the costumer portal.  


Connect /NewsPoint

How will I access NewsPoint after the migration to Optiq®?  




From 23 November, you will access NewsPoint from the Euronext costumer portal, Connect.

The address to the Connect home page is (

Please find instructions concerning your access to Connect:



What is the End of Day Market Summary?


As a Connect user, you can receive an End of Day Market Summary at the end of each trading day. This is an automatic email sent to you at the end of each trading day, giving you an overview of how your stock was traded that day.

You can manually subscribe or unsubscribe to this option by selecting the appropriate option under Notifications / Mailing Subscriptions.

If you are a CEO, CFO or IRO the first End of Day Market Summary, will be sent to you from December 1st.  


Web pages 

Will I still be able to use as my main source of information?

From Monday 30 November, many of the web pages on will be moved. We will redirect you to the matching page on one of the Euronext websites.

Going forward the Oslo website will be integrated in the Euronext online offer. We will take a step by step approach following the migration of our markets to the new Optiq trading systems. From 30 November web pages with price data for shares, equity certificates and indices will be moved, and from 7 December the web pages with price data for bonds and derivatives will be moved. Pages with other content will also be moved in the coming weeks.

The goal is being to provide you, as a user, with a better experience than before. A lot of information will still be available in Norwegian, and price quotes will now be updated in almost real time - not with a 15-minute delay as is now the case on We will also extend the price chart history from 5 to 20 years.

The Euronext web offer consists of 3 websites:

  • – Learn about our company, products and services
  • – Listed and traded products, product specifications and quotes
  • Connect – Our portal for Euronext customers

For now, the navigation on will remain unchanged. If you click on a menu item or use a URL for a page that has moved, you will be redirected to the matching page on the Euronext websites. We recommend that you bookmark the new pages, so you do not have to be forwarded every time.

Name Changes for the marketplaces

What changes have been made to the names of the marketplaces and why?

As part of the integration process, Oslo Børs has adapted to the other marketplaces in the Euronext group by changing the name of two of its marketplaces:

  • Oslo Axess has become “Euronext Expand”
  • Merkur Market has become “Euronext Growth” (operated by Oslo Børs)

We will not change the name of Oslo Børs, our primary marketplace for equities and bonds, nor the name of Nordic ABM, our self-regulated market for bonds.

Issuer Rules – shares

What are the major changes to the issuer rules?

The new rules for shares issuers will come into force from 30 November 2020. For bonds, the new rules will come into force from 7 December.

Issuers are now a part Euronext’s Rule Book regime.  

For Oslo Børs or Oslo Expand
All issuers on the Regulated markets are governed by the harmonised rules, which are included in a single harmonised rule book called Rule Book I. Regulations specific to each market are regulated under non-harmonised rules, in the Rule Book II.

Rules for Issuers on Oslo Børs and Oslo Expand will follow from the harmonised Rule Book I, with the additions and modifications set out in Oslo’s Rule Book II. In addition to Rule Book I and Rule Book II, the different markets can issue Notices for the purpose of interpreting or implementing the rules, and where these include more detailed guidelines pertaining to the rules.

For Euronext Growth (operated by Oslo Børs)
A similar structure as described for regulated markets is established for Euronext Growth. But both harmonised and non-harmonised rules for different Euronext Growth Market undertakings are included in the same Rule Book under different chapters.

The ABM Rules will not be part of the Euronext Rule Book regime and will continue to be regulated in a separate rule book.

For more information about the changes in Norwegian

For more information about the changes in English



Why have our tickers changed?

A ticker code is a unique mnemonic code that makes it easy for the market to identify a financial instrument. These ticker codes are used in the distribution of market data and in the electronic systems to facilitate the trading and settlement of shares.

60 companies listed on one of Oslo Børs’ markets have not met the new requirements for our ticker codes, and will have to change their ticker upon migration to the new trading system. The companies affected by this change were informed of this requirement at an early stage. 


Will the change of tickers be a problem for our investors?

Distributers of market data and investments firms that are members of Oslo Børs will be prepared to handle new tickers from 30 November, the date of the we go-live on Optiq®, the new trading system.

Sector code

Will my company be affected by the change of classification from GICS to ICB?

All companies listed on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Merkur Market have a sector code. This is used, among other things, in connection with indices. Oslo Børs is currently using MSCI's GICS classification, but after the transition to Optiq®, Oslo Børs will start using FTSE's ICB classification.

We have informed companies about this status and changes for them in a mail dated 21 October. (Change of sector classification from GICS to ICB / Endring av sektorklassifisering fra GICS til ICB)

We recommend that you refer to this communication for information regarding your company.


Will there be changes to pricing or to the way fees are calculated for listed companies?

Oslo Børs will adjust the fees applicable to companies listed on our markets on an annual basis, as we have for previous years.

For the time being we will not make changes in the way fees are calculated.


Will there be changes to the way we receive invoices from Oslo Børs

There will be no changes until mid- 2021.

From mid-2021, there will be minor changes in the layout of the invoices and they will be in English. You will still receive your invoice in NOK.  The invoice due date will remain unchanged.


Will there be changes to the way we renew the validity of my company’s LEI Code

There will be no changes. However, Euronext is obliged to collect a valid LEI from any issuer operating on regulated or unregulated Euronext markets for communication to the supervisory authorities. LEIs must be renewed each year before their end date. If your LEI code has not been renewed, Connect users in your company will receive a reminder at the following times:

  • 3 months before expiry
  • 1 month before expiry
  • 1 week before expiry
  • The day of expiry
  • Every week after expiry

Stock Exchange Notices

We cannot find Stock Exchange Notices on NewsWeb?

Stock Exchange Notices will no longer be available on NewsWeb. You will find your Notices on Connect. (Connect / Market operations/ Market Notices)  


The logo used for our company is wrong. How can we change it?

Your logo and trading symbol will appear on the description of your company.

If you need to correct your logo, please send a request by mail to Marketadministration,

We will need the following information:

  • The picture of the new logo preferably with the following characteristics:
    • Jpeg format (extension .jpg)
    • Maximum length of 150 pixels
    • Maximum height of 80 pixels
  • The company name for which the change of logo applies and eventually its ISIN code.

You will find more information on Connect/Company visibility/Company Logo



Listed emblems

Listed emblems are available on Connect. From the main menu, choose Company Visibility/Listed emblem.

Listed emblems are available in both PNG and SVG format, and in colored, grey, black and transparent.  




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